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Hrvatskog druątva za geometriju i grafiku

Scientific and Professional Journal
of the Croatian Society for Geometry and Graphics


Norman John Wildberger: Universal Hyperbolic Geometry II: A pictorial overview 3

Original Scientific Papers
Ana Sliepčević, Ema Jurkin: Snails in Hyperbolic Plane 25
Márta Szilvási-Nagy: Surface Patches Constructed from Curvature Data 29
János Pallagi, Benedek Schultz, Jenö Szirmai: Visualization of Geodesic Curves, Spheres and Equidistant Surfaces in S2R Space 35
Tibor Dósa: Equidistant-, Own-Equidistant-Curves in the Euclidean Plane 41
Sonja Gorjanc, Tibor Schwarcz, Miklós Hoffman: On Central Collineations which Transform a Given Conic to a Circle 47