Znanstveno-stručni časopis
Hrvatskog druątva za geometriju i grafiku

Scientific and Professional Journal
of the Croatian Society for Geometry and Graphics


Sonja Gorjanc: The Centenary of the Birth of Vilko Niče3

Original Scientific Papers
Daniel Lordick: Shade Lines of Curved Surfaces - Rotational and Helical Circular Surfaces11
Attila Bölcskei, Mónika Szél-Koponyás: Construction of D-Graphs Related to Periodic Tilings21
Damir Lazarević, Josip Dvornik, Kreąimir Fresl: Contact Detection Algorithm for Discrete Element Analysis29
Márta Szilvási-Nagy, Teréz P. Vendel, Hellmuth Stachel: C2 Filling of Gaps by Convex Combination of Surfaces under Boundary Constraints41

Professional Papers
Miljenko Lapaine: The Curve of Centres and the Curve of all Isotropic Focal points in the Conic Section pencil Given by Two Double points of an Isotropic Plane49
Vlasta Szirovicza: The Conic Given by the Imaginary Elements55
Dagmar Szarková, Kamil Maleček: A method for Creating Ruled Surfaces and its Modifications59
Györgyi Führer Nagy: Some Remarks to the Paper "The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg"67
Gunter Weiss, Hans Havlicek: Vertex- and Edge-Altitudes of a Tetrahedron71

Geometry and Graphics
Miljenko Lapaine: Synonyms in Mathematical Terminology81
Ana Sliepčević: How much do we Know about Perspective Collineation?86
Lidija Pletenac: Hypar - the Approximation of a Minimal Surface88

News and Reports