Znanstveno-stručni časopis
Hrvatskog društva za geometriju i grafiku

Scientific and Professional Journal
of the Croatian Society for Geometry and Graphics


Original scientific papers
R. Garcia, D. Reznik: Family Ties: Relating Poncelet 3-Periodics by their Properties 3
H. Okumura: Semicircles in the Arbelos with Overhang and Division by Zero 19
B. Odehnal: A Rarity in Geometry: a Septic Curve 25 
M. Šimić Horvath, V. Volenec: On Diagonal Triangle of Non Cyclic Quadrangle in Isotropic Plane 40
M. Stavrić, A. Wiltsche, G. Weiss: Polyhedrons the Faces of which are Special Quadric Patches 45
A. N. Zachos: Generalized Regularity and the Symmetry of Branches of "Botanological" Networks 53
A. Yahya, J. Szirmai: Visualization of Sphere and Horosphere Packings Related to Coxeter Tilings by Simply Truncated Orthoschemes with Parallel Faces 64

L. Weydemann, C. Clemenz, C. Preisinger: On the Structural Properties of Voronoi Diagrams 72 
A. Katalenić, A. Čižmešija, Ž. Milin Šipuš: Asymptotes of Plane Curves – Revisited 78
C. Clemenz, L. Weydemann: Reflection Techniques in Real-Time Computer Graphics 87