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Do you also want to become member of the Society?
Would you like to join some of the activities of the Society?

The admission of new members
Experts in geometry, computer graphics and graphic communication of appropriate profiles, architects, designers, geodesists, engineers, civil engineers, high school teachers teaching Descriptive geometry and everyone who has interest in geometry are welcome.

Article 13. of the Statue:
The categories of membership of the association are:
1. valid members
2. members of honor.

Any citizen of Republic of Croatia can become a valid member of the Society under the terms they agree with the programme and Statue of CSGG and are involved directly or indirectly into geometry or computer graphics and who sign the application form and get listed in the book of members after meeting the standards of the admission test and being approved by the Management Board.
Members of the Society pay membership fee established by Management Board of the association.
All valid members under the same conditions have the right to participate in all activities organized by the Society based on the decision of the Management Board.

To become a CSGG member please send your personal information to
Name, last name, scientific level, profession,
address and phone, address and phone of institute, e-mail