Branko Kincl, Stipan Matoš

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Last modified: 2017-02-28


Strategy of development trends in this moment and at this stage of the traffic comes from understanding the possibilities of the implementation of measures to raise the quality of movement and life in the city, planning and implementation of targeted interventions in the transport network or facilities, as well as design of public spaces in the city that will significantly affect the improving the quality of movement and urban life. The prerequisite for the planning the urban transport is knowledge of a large number of parameters and factors, among which is the central factor which is mobility of the participants in traffic.
Mobility is a complex process in the area, starting from the departure out of the apartment, through the use of various means of transportation, a number of activities on different goals until the return to the location of the apartment. It thus requires extensive transport infrastructure in the form of pedestrian, cycling, street and railway network. At the same time reshaping of public transport facilities is needed in which the pedestrian, biker and green shall be the main elements of the new spatial conditions. “Developing of the pedestrian zones in the city” is the concept of creation of pedestrian areas and islands in all the places in the city where it shall be possible. This process is essential for the transformation of public spaces, in particular transport corridors.
To accomplish the concept of the ''green transport plan”, the need for change in the parking policy is emphasized, which should be an integral part of the city planning and should go hand in hand with the policy that offers good alternatives to car use, reducing street parking along the main roads and adjustment of regional plans to implement the construction of parking spaces outside streets.


strategy of development trends; green transport; pedestrian zones

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