Jan Hradil, Jan Kovařík

Last modified: 2017-02-28


The article addresses the issues of determining the impact of noise at at-grade intersections. While noise levels on open road sections may be determined relatively unambiguously, at intersections the noise pollution levels are relatively difficult to identify. It is, particularly, in
urban areas where this becomes an essential problem that significantly affects the impact of designed transport solutions on their surroundings. At the same time, it is obvious that this type of noise pollution in the road network is one of the highest ever because of the vehicle movement characteristics. Therefore, a realistic evaluation of intersections is impossible without the identification of complex noise pollution and its distribution in the intersection area. This was done using the AIMSUN micro-simulation software environment. The generated result reflects both the traffic and layout characteristics of individual intersections. Traffic noise pollution levels were determined through the use of dot array. Noise pollution is identified primarily with regard to the impact of its adverse effects on human health. This evaluation takes into account mainly the emergence or deterioration of some diseases. (also so-called lost years of life, the costs of hospital stays, etc.). The evaluation method of these effects is based on standards also used in EU countries; the methodology is also applied in the HDM-4 system. Thus, it allows determining a specific impact of individual noise levels on adjacent areas and the population. External costs of noise pollution may also be quantified. The paper gives a detailed account of the methodology for the determination of average noise pollution, its external costs and the dependence of these parameters on the shape of an intersection and its entry traffic volumes. It represents one of the basic criteria used for a complex assessment of intersections.


noise emissions; intersection; HDM-4; traffic micro-simulation; external costs

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