Angelina Živković, Dragana Macura, Rešad Nuhodžić

Last modified: 2017-02-28


Nowadays the main transport project in Montenegro is Bar-Boljare motorway, the new infrastructure project. The 170km new motorway will connect Serbia to the north of Montenegro, and further south to the Adriatic Coast, and with the Port of Bar, as a major port in the Adriatic. This motorway will be part of Bar-Belgrade-Budapest European Corridor, linking Montenegro to Central Europe, and presenting the transport project with very high national and regional priority. After the main sections of the motorway have been defined the Montenegrin government should make final investment plans for realization in the future. The authors developed the multicriteria model using the Analytic Network Process – ANP, as a solution for analysing and ranking 5 sections of the Bar-Boljare motorway. The network structure of the problem leads to the application of the ANP.


investment plan; transport projects; analytic network process

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