Hans-Christian Graf

Last modified: 2017-02-28


In order to gain attractiveness and high comfort at rail terminals the effective function and design of public baggage storage services gets an essential success factor in near future. At intermodal traffic stations the necessity of quick passenger transfers in short periods of time is very essential. In addition there will be increasing demands for real comfortable temporary deposits for luggage or shopping bags, too. Conventional luggage lockers are inefficient concerning utilization of space, which is limited at most railway stations. Effective depot services have to be accessible with ease for the passengers, too. Modern depot services also need to be available for old or handicapped passengers. Store&Go is a new integrated concepts for modern railway stations. It provides multifunctional benefits for travellers, local service providers and the retailers at terminals. The new Store&Go depot service represents an innovative system for short term and long term storage of traveler’s luggage at railway stations, but is also foreseen to be used as pick-up place for internet shopping or as parcel buffer at distribution hubs in the logistic industry. Store&Go addresses the utilization of unused free space of buildings, increases safety and comfort for travelers. The System increases the attraction of public transport in general. Store&Go represents an innovative cube adaptive storage technology as well as a novel concept in effective warehousing and handling of parcels and luggage. It integrates a completely new boxing system and a warehousing robot. Store&Go can be used in house at railway stations and as outdoor module at open air platforms. This paper describes the experiences with a prototype and the learnings of user acceptance tests, executed by an Austrian research consortium.


railway station; baggage storage; warehousing robot

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